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Format for Winter Show Jumping

Important information and changes for Official Stewards
Format for Show Jumping
In order to assist areas with running show jumping (SJ) qualifiers and
also due to repeated requests to allow competitors to compete at more
than one height; the format will change. From the start of the winter
season 2019, the format of SJ will be shortened at qualifiers, which will
allow competitors to enter consecutive heights (excluding 70cm). We
hope this will help with falling numbers in some areas, but not
overburden the busier areas with even longer days. The Championship
format will remain the same. This change will come into effect from 1
October and will be inserted into the Handbook as follows:
Riders jump two rounds. Riders will jump the first round and then the second round
separately. The second round will be run as a single phase competition, which will
combine the second round and the jump-off. The first half of the course should be set
at the second round height, with the second part of the course set at jump-off height.
The course should be timed in two parts, with the second half being recorded as the
jump-off. If necessary the first half of the round can be timed manually depending on
the availability of timing equipment. The jump-off will follow straight on from the first
part of the course without stopping. All team and individual members (unless the
individual is eliminated in first round) will go forward to the second part of the second
round (jump-off) unless eliminated in the first half. The second half of the second
round (the jump-off) will be classed as both the team and individual jump-off. An area
may choose to run a separate jump-off at the end of the class for individuals and use
the second part of the second round as the jump-off for teams only (this will be at the
areas discretion and must be relayed to competitors on the schedule).
Should a team member be eliminated before reaching the jump-off phase in the
second round they will not continue forward to the jump-off section and the team will
continue as a team of three. The Official Steward reserves the right to stop anyone
who is in multiple classes if BRC feel the horse’s welfare is compromised.
Riders jump two rounds. Riders will jump the first round and then a separate second
round. If equality exists for first place then there will be a jump-off for teams and a
separate jump-off for individuals. All team members will be required to jump-off. The
Official Steward reserves the right to stop anyone who is in multiple classes if BRC
feel the horse’s welfare is compromised.
SJ1.4.1: Single Phase Course for Qualifiers
For qualifiers the second round will be split into a combined second round and jumpoff.
The first half of the course should be set at 5cm higher than the first round height.

POSTPONED TO 30th JUNE ….Area 4 Horse Trials update….

Horse Trials update….Due to ground conditions – sadly this Sunday 16th June is cancelled 😭 After reviewing the forecast for next week, a decision has been made to run on Sunday 30th June, giving the ground time to recover and be safe! I know this will not suit everyone, however it may give others the chance to ride 👍🏻😁 Please keep all your riders updated and reply to Sam‘s e mails re changes ASAP.Any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.Again, thank you all for your patience.Margaret NEW DATE – SUNDAY JUNE 30th @ BRECENBROUGH

Times for Area 4 Horse Trials 2019

Thank you for your patience. The HT times are now finished.

Please check your times carefully as a lot have been changed.

Any changes will have to be done as emergency changes on the day at the secretaries’ desk.

Course walk times for area 4 Horse Trials 16/6/19 

SJ – 2.30pm onwards

XC – 2pm onwards

Many thanks again for your patience.

Sam – Competition Secretary

BRC Membership Qualifier requirements

Good Afternoon All.

We have been asked by BRC HQ to remind clubs to make sure that the people who they enter to compete at Area Qualifiers are eligible to compete for the club; for this they have to be members of the club AND registered with HQ at the close of prelim entries.

Unfortunately, recently HQ has seen an increasing amount of ineligible members ( people who are not properly registered as members of a riding club) riding at the BRC qualifiers meaning that when the results are received in the office, if any of these non-members are a part of the qualifying teams, they are disqualified and then disappointed.

Also, there have been cases where qualifiers took place in 2018 when the members were eligible, they are no lonfger eligible for the championships because they have not renewed their membership, so when they are invited to the Championship, they are no longer eligible to compete at the Championship.

This is a reminder to Riding Clubs of the importance of sending membership lists into head office and also of the 21 day rule (to be a member at the close of prelim entry) to avoid any disappointment. Also, members are not covered by the BRC insurance unless we have received their membership details.

Wishing you all a very lovely bank holiday weekend

Results from Winter Showjumping Qualifier 23rd February 2019

Hi folks xx Thank You so much to everyone for coming yesterday and special thanks to all our helpers and everyone who made today happen xx 😚 provisional results can be found at 🤗 which btw is our new scoring system with live scoring so in the future you can track all our events this way xx thanks again from all of us at Area 4 xx