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Dates / Venues for Area 4 Qualifiers and events for 2018

Dates / Venues for Area 4 Qualifiers for 2018

 BB  – Novice / Intermediate Show Jumping
jnrs Saturday and mixed 100+110                         Sat 24 February 2018
 Snrs Sunday                                                                        Sun 25 February 2018

Epworth  – Show Cross.                                      Saturday 17th March 2018

BB – Combined Training.                                              Sunday 8th April 2018

Helen Bell’s – Horse Trials                                             Sunday 17 June 2018

REC Summer Show.                                            Sat 7th & Sun 8th July 2018

Manor Grange DTM.                                                Saturday  14th July 2018

REC – Winter Dressage                                      Sunday 21st October 2018

Northern Regional Championships
Areas 2 – 4 – 16                                                          Sunday 19th August 2018
@ Helen Bells – Breckenborough – Thirsk – Nth Yorkshire


Area 4 Summer Camp @ Bishop Burton – 20-26 August 2018

 Junior camp – This has been heavily subsidised over the past few years due to low numbers.  Sadly if numbers don’t cover the running costs for 2018, the junior camp will not be feasible to run.  We have tried to avoid clashing with Pony Club Camps in the area. It would be a shame for this camp to disappear from the area 4 calendar.

 Please share the dates early with your members.

 Junior camp: Tuesday 21st – 23rd August 2018

Senior camp: Thursday 23rd – 26th August 2018

Times for Area 4 Winter Dressage Qualifiers 22nd October 2017

Hi All,

FINAL Times for Winter Dressage 22 October 2017

Please find attached the times schedule for the Winter Dressage Qualifier. Apologies in advance for those dozen or so riders who have a 3 hour wait between tests (there shouldn’t be anyone with a longer time frame than this). Unfortunately, with more than 3/4s of the entry been multiple riders/horses, it is very difficult to do it any other way.

As always, any problems / obvious anomalies, please let me know asap.

PLEASE REMEMBER that changes need to be highlighted using the RIDER NUMBER as listed in this spreadsheet, whether this is a horse change or horse and rider combination change.

All changes to me please by Tuesday 17th October at 5pm. After that, you will need to highlight any changes on your declarations forms provided from HQ once your prelim entries have been accepted. These need to presented to the Secretary’s table on the day of the competition, at least 1 hour before your first rider competes.

Just a reminder that the prize giving for this qualifier will take place on Monday 23rd October at the Bridge Inn, Wetherby at the Area 4 AGM – the night AFTER the competition.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Kind Regards,

Times for Area 4 Horse Trials Sunday 18th June 2017

Here are the final times

MASTER Horse Trials entry 2017

Hi All,

Please find attached the final running order for the Horse Trials qualifier this weekend.

There are some competitors in the 100 CLASS and 100+ CLASS who’s times have changed due to withdrawals and being near the end of the day, particularly competitor 950, 927 and 926.

Any EMERGENCY CHANGES going forward from this evening, will need to be clearly marked on your Declarations Sheet on Sunday morning.  Please ensure the Declarations form is FULLY completed for the day, especially if you are not going to be there and you are passing the documentation to another club member or competitor.   If you require additional declarations forms, please return an email to me.

Out of 20 changes to do this evening – top of the class goes to Ebor Vale – well done Jackie for attaching competitor numbers to the changes AND HIGHLIGHTING IN RED – if everyone did this, it would make changes a 1,000 % EASIER.  PLEASE CONSIDER THIS FOR NEXT TIME

I wish you all the very best for the weekend and have a safe ride,

As always, please let me know of any problems,

Kind Regards,


Competition Secretary