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Times for Winter Showjumping Qualifier 2018

Hi All,

FINAL times Winter SJ 25 26 Feb 2018

Please find attached the final times for the weekend. Any ADDITIONAL CHANGES now would need to be highlighted on your Declarations Form. However, please drop me a line also as it will help to keep the scoreboard correct if I get the information before it goes to print.

Wishing you all the best of luck for the weekend,

Kind Regards,


Times for Area 4 Winter Dressage Qualifiers 22nd October 2017

Hi All,

FINAL Times for Winter Dressage 22 October 2017

Please find attached the times schedule for the Winter Dressage Qualifier. Apologies in advance for those dozen or so riders who have a 3 hour wait between tests (there shouldn’t be anyone with a longer time frame than this). Unfortunately, with more than 3/4s of the entry been multiple riders/horses, it is very difficult to do it any other way.

As always, any problems / obvious anomalies, please let me know asap.

PLEASE REMEMBER that changes need to be highlighted using the RIDER NUMBER as listed in this spreadsheet, whether this is a horse change or horse and rider combination change.

All changes to me please by Tuesday 17th October at 5pm. After that, you will need to highlight any changes on your declarations forms provided from HQ once your prelim entries have been accepted. These need to presented to the Secretary’s table on the day of the competition, at least 1 hour before your first rider competes.

Just a reminder that the prize giving for this qualifier will take place on Monday 23rd October at the Bridge Inn, Wetherby at the Area 4 AGM – the night AFTER the competition.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Kind Regards,

Times for Area 4 Horse Trials Sunday 18th June 2017

Here are the final times

MASTER Horse Trials entry 2017

Hi All,

Please find attached the final running order for the Horse Trials qualifier this weekend.

There are some competitors in the 100 CLASS and 100+ CLASS who’s times have changed due to withdrawals and being near the end of the day, particularly competitor 950, 927 and 926.

Any EMERGENCY CHANGES going forward from this evening, will need to be clearly marked on your Declarations Sheet on Sunday morning.  Please ensure the Declarations form is FULLY completed for the day, especially if you are not going to be there and you are passing the documentation to another club member or competitor.   If you require additional declarations forms, please return an email to me.

Out of 20 changes to do this evening – top of the class goes to Ebor Vale – well done Jackie for attaching competitor numbers to the changes AND HIGHLIGHTING IN RED – if everyone did this, it would make changes a 1,000 % EASIER.  PLEASE CONSIDER THIS FOR NEXT TIME

I wish you all the very best for the weekend and have a safe ride,

As always, please let me know of any problems,

Kind Regards,


Competition Secretary

Times for Combined Training Qualifier This Saturday !!

Hi All,

I have received all the changes this evening and altered the running order accordingly.

BRC AREA 4 CT Times 2017 GA30.3.17

Please have a look at the first worksheet with the timetable to remind your competitors of SJ course walk times etc.

Please ensure that your DECLARATIONS SHEETS are fully complete and ready to hand in to the secretary’s desk at least ½ hour before your first competitor of the day.  If you/your Chef d’Equipe can not be there in person, it is your responsibility to ensure that the sheet is complete, if it is not, your competitors can be prevented from competing.  Please HIGHLIGHT changes clearly on the form.

Wishing you all good luck for the day,

Kind Regards, Georgina


Hi All,

Please find attached your FINAL times for the Showcross this Sunday at Epworth.

TIMES for BRC Area 4 Showcross 2017 FINAL 14.3.17

SX Running Order


Unfortunately, these times have changed considerably from those sent out last Friday.  Each Organiser has to follow the BRC Rulebook to the letter.  Area 4 is the largest area by far in the country and covers a huge geographical area, this is especially challenging when organising the times for a qualifier to an event venue that is very much to the south of our Area and not strictly speaking in Area 4 country.  The Official Steward for the day has an important job to make sure that organisers, officials, stewards, scorers etc run each qualifying event within the realms of the BRC Rulebook.  To this end, the times have had to change to accommodate their ideals of the running of the day.  Due to factors beyond my control, this has had an impact on the running order, especially for those senior teams in the 80 and 90 class respectively.

I have not had the time in the past 24 hours to have due consideration for those travelling together, although I have tried to consider all the multiple riders.

If you do foresee any problems, as always, please let me know asap.

I wish you all the very best of luck for Sunday.  Hopefully the weather will stay dry.


Please remember, there are no “emergency changes forms” anymore.  Instead, please write any changes different to the attached on your DECLARATIONS SHEET that needs to be submitted in FULL, to the Secretary’s desk at least 30 minutes, prior to your first rider of the day.  Please ensure that this is fully completed including passport numbers, full names of horse and rider etc.  It is not the responsibility of the competitor handing this over to make sure it is complete – if you are a team manager and cannot make Sunday, ensure the form is fully complete so that it is not handed back to your club.



Kind Regards,






Area 4 Competition Secretary

BRC Area 4 Winter Dressage Qualifier at Richmond Equestrian Centre, Sunday 23rd October 2016 TIMES

Morning All,

Apologies for the short delay in getting the times out to you for the Winter Dressage at Richmond Equestrian Centre on Sunday 23rd October 2016.

Please find attached the times in club order by surname.  area-4-brc-winter-dressage-times-v6final

I apologise in advance to the multiple riders with 2-3 hours between tests.  There are about 7 riders with >2 hour wait for their 2nd test, predominantly these people are doing 2x Novice tests and as such are riding in the morning and the afternoon.  In N30, there are 20 multiple riders out of a class of 27, therefore someone has to go at 9.53am and won’t enter the arena for their 2nd test until after 1pm.  Where possible I have spent time trying to fix this problem the best way I can.

Please let me know if I have transposed the J/S column incorrectly or anything else for that matter, as I have copied and pasted so many times, I think I’ve worn the button out!

Can I ask you to check and double check your entry and if you can see any “quick fixes” to make times more sociable for your riders, please let me know ASAP.  Also please see the attached note from Margaret, Area 4 Chair – re parking on the day.

I look forward to hearing from you, (mobile is 07795071741/landline 01937557701), if you have any queries/changes.

Deadline for any withdrawals is next Tuesday 18th October – 5pm.

Good luck to all competitors on the day,

Kind Regards,


Competition Secretary

Morning all Chairs, competitors and Chef d’Equipes.

This year’s WD has been opened to individual riders as well as teams. This has increased the number or entries so 23rd October is going to be a busy and very long day.

We have 233 riders of which 122 are multiple test riders. You can imagine the problems this has presented trying to allocate times with a reasonable gap between tests.

Georgina has spent hours on this and has given a timetable I consider to be acceptable.

Last year we had major problems with the parking, so this year we are asking ALL riders and members to help.

We had lorries parking on the drive last year and this is not acceptable, as emergency vehicles need a clear access.

Parking stewards will be in place, please respect and observe their directions.

Sadly there is no overflow parking and this is a HS issue which the Official Steward Mary Kay will be keeping a close eye on.

Where ever possible, single test riders have been placed at the beginning of the day, seniors and juniors alike. We ask all riders as soon as you have ridden and collected your test sheet, and checked your score against the main score board, that you vacate the lorry park leaving spaces for people competing later in the day.

Please don’t think we want rid of you but this is the only way we can avoid the problems we had last year😊

If you have any queries regarding your score, please use a ‘query’ form which will be on the secretaries table ASAP.

The results will be ‘going live’ on area 4 FB page ……hopefully throughout the day.

Final results will be completed as usual on the day but presentation of rosettes and trophies will be at the AGM the following evening. (details on area 4 Webb page) Everyone is welcome, so please make sure a representative from your club is there to collect your rosettes.

Hopefully this will eliminate snarling up the parking, members having to ‘hang around’ for prize giving and have a reasonable journey home.

Thank you for your cooperation and hopefully the day will run smoothly.

Good luck to everyone and fingers crossed for good weather.



Area 4 Chair


Hi Here are the times. DTM_PAIRS_MED_JORVICTimesemail12jul2016

Please check them and get back to me with lash ups.

In view of the fact that I am late with the times and that there are no teams, there is no final date for changes. If you do have any, you can let me know before hand but please fill in the change form and bring it with your declarations . Declarations should reflect what you are actually entering.

Please note that for the Jorvic is a championship and therefore BRC rules will apply, whips will be allowed but no callers.

I have tinkered a bit with the times to try and stop people having to wait too long between tests.

But one important factor is that I had the mediums/advance mediums wrong. Stupidly I went by the rule change link which gave new tests as 71 and 90.

However the test sheets I have been sent are for MEDIUM 69 and AD MED 91 Both in 60m arenas

Could all of the clubs who have entered the Medium and advanced medium please confirm with me you have this email?

I have given you all numbers now too. Please use bridle numbers if you wish but I have card ones if you would like to use them.

Can I remind you to please not tie your horses up to side of wagons or trailers with hay nets.

Please be aware that there will be music tests at the same time as warm up and the Jorvic, but the speakers are not adjacent to the non music arena.

Good luck everybody and see you there.

Any questions please get back to me asap.

One very important note.

As most of you are BD people, I am guessing you have bridle or saddlecloth numbers. To save us all money, please bring them.

For those of you who don’t have bridle numbers, please tell me and I will sort you out with left over numbers from last weekend.


Times for the Summer Show at Richmond Equestrian Centre

Please find attached the revised times to be published after changes from clubs.  Apologies for the delay.  However, 4 clubs sent their changes in after the deadline (5PM PROMPT on TUESDAY before the competition).  It has taken two of us all day (and last night), in order to get them ready to send out.

SATURDAY – Showjumping & Style Jumping

SUNDAY – Dressage & Riding Test

Please note:

I have used acronyms for the classes, so please don’t be offended!, there are lots of “SOD”s – eg Senior Open Dressage, but it should all be fairly straight forward, JD – Junior Dressage, JSJ – Junior Show Jumping, SST – Senior Style Jumping and so on.

 The times are on two separate spreadsheets for each discipline.  PLEASE CHECK these very carefully as they are extremely complicated, ie. junior riders for the Show Jumping are tight as we have few entries with a handful of riders competing in a number of different jumping classes and therefore very little time between classes.

Show Jumping TIMES Summer Show 2016

Dressage TIMES Summer Show FINAL

As there have been so many changes, please check BOTH DAYS very carefully.

All the very best of luck to you all at the weekend, fingers crossed the weather will hold.

Kind Regards,


Area 4 Competition Secretary

01937 557701


Final Times for ODE on Sunday 19th June at Helen Bell’s, Breckenborough.

Hi All,

Please find attached the times for the ODE on Sunday 19th June at Helen Bell’s, Breckenborough. Area 4 ODE FINAL times for clubs

With such a HUGE amount of entries, please check YOUR OWN CLUB riders’ TIMES very carefully.  I have checked and double checked them, but I am only one person (and I am not Superwoman), if there are any problems/queries, please let me know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

The deadline for changes to these entries in terms of horse/rider changes need to be with me by TUESDAY 14th JUNE AT 5pm.  Any changes after that need to be completed on the “emergency changes form” (CHANGES FORM), which is for use ON THE DAY of the competition in case of any last minute changes. Don’t forget this needs to be completed in quadruplicate.

Also, please find attached “generic spare” declarations forms.  Generic Spare Declaration Form    You will have been sent these for your entries once you have registered your prelim entries with HQ.  Just in case you don’t have one, there are some spares available at the secretary’s desk on the day.  Alternatively, please complete the attached “generic” spare declarations form in advance of the competition (ONLY if you have don’t have the correct documentation from HQ).

Both these forms need to be completed in FULL and handed to the secretary’s desk AT LEAST 30 MINUTES before your first rider competes.

Good Luck to everyone and I look forward to seeing you all compete a week on Sunday,

If you have any queries before the day, please give me a call.

  1. I am sending these out early as I’m off “up the road” for 4 days! (so I may not respond immediately)

Kind Regards,


Area 4 Competition Secretary


01937 557701