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Northern Regional Championships 2018 Qualifying clubs

Area Summer Dressage results 2018 Regional Qualifier

Style Jumping-Summer Show 2018 Regional Qualifier

Area 4 Summer Show Jumping Results 2018 Regional Qualifier

Combined training Regional Champs

Please note that if an individual or team member has Qualified for either Lincoln or been to FOH this year they are not able to attend this championships.  The team member may be replaced.


Northern Regional Championships 2018







We are pleased to be moving north to Breckenbrough for the third British Riding Clubs Northern Championships.

This competition is to give riders and their horses the same atmosphere, competition and fun that riders experience at National Riding Club Championships.  It is for teams and individuals that have been placed at their Area Qualifier in the relevant class.  Horse/Rider combinations that have competed at the FOTH at Aston-le-Walls in the Combined Training or who have qualified for the National Championships at Lincoln in 2018 are ineligible for these Championships.
Riders can compete in Dressage, Riding Test, Combined Training, Show Jumping and new this year – Style Jumping.  We have also added direct entry Grass Roots classes, these are mixed Senior/Junior classes.
All team members are automatically included in the appropriate individual classes
We look forward to seeing everyone who has supported in the last two years and welcoming new faces this year.

NC SCHEDULE 19 August 2018[48680]


BRC Grassroots Points Leagues

BRC Grassroots Points Leagues

The Grassroots Points League is a new opportunity for all BRC Members

All dressage (Walk and Trot and Prelim Level) and showjumping (60cms and 70cms) competitors can gain points at BRC Club organised competitions. Area Qualifiers and National level competitions will not count.

Points can be gained when competing at BRC Club organised competitions only.

There will be two separate leagues; showjumping and dressage. Monthly score updates will be provided; therefore competitors must return their score card to the BRC head office no later than the 7th of the following month. Results on cards received after this time will not count. The competition will run for ten months from January – October 2018, there will be rosettes down to 10th place, sashes down to 3rd and there will be an overall supreme champion prize for the competitor who has accumulated the most points over the two leagues.

It’s so simple, just follow these easy steps:

1. Download and print your blank points card from the BRC website.
2. Compete at any dressage (Walk & Trot and Prelim Level) or showjumping (60cms & 70cms) BRC Club organised competition.
3. Ask the Secretary at the event to confirm your placing with their signature.
4. Post your completed points card back to BRC HQ by the 7th of the following month.
5. Finally, wait for the results.

BRC Grassroots Points League Overall Results (Updated 07 December 2017) (PDF)

BRC Grassroots Points League Senior Show Jumping Results (Updated 07 December 2017) (PDF)

BRC Grassroots Points League Senior Dressage Results (Updated 07 December 2017) (PDF)

BRC Grassroots Points League Junior Show Jumping Results (Updated 07 December 2017) (PDF)

BRC Grassroots Points League Junior Dressage Results (Updated 07 December 2017) (PDF)

The rules

The Grassroots Points League will run according to the official BRC rules found in the current BRC Rule Book p80-81.

1. Individuals can compete in both dressage (Walk and Trot and Prelim Level) and showjumping (60cms and 70cms) competitions. Both disciplines will count towards the league.
2. It is the individuals’ responsibility to download and print this card and produce it at every relevant competition to gain the signature of the Secretary upon being placed.
3. The Grassroots Points League takes place between 1 January – 31 October 2018. Completed points cards must be returned to BRC Head Office no later than the 7th of the following month. Results on cards received after this time will not count.
4. Checks will be carried out by BRC HQ to ensure that the information provided is correct.
5. Individuals can compete at club and area level. However a qualifying class for a BRC Championship may not be used to gain points for this league.
6. Individuals can compete across all clubs and areas.
7. If the card is not filled out correctly, the results will not be counted.

Placing to points table

1st place = 6 points
2nd place = 5 points
3rd place = 4 points
4th place = 3 points
5th place = 2 points
6th place = 1 point

Northern Regional Championships 2017 at Bishop Burton College

Hi all,

Please find attached the schedule for the Northern Championships at Bishop Burton on 27th August 2017.

Please read carefully and send your entries in ONLY AFTER you have  received your invites from the CT and Summer Show.  (invites will be sent out shortly!! )

All the classes are run under the same rules as those teams and individuals who qualified at Area competitions.  Riders may enter as individuals in dressage and riding test competitions.  The entry is teams that have not qualified for the National Riding Club Championships in September at Lincoln, those riders will be down to 6th place.

Northern Regional Champs 2017 Schedule


ROR Winners for the Area 4 Summer show and DTM 2016

Hi Everyone at last here are the ROR results from the Summer Show and DTM for the highest placed Riding Club member and the Rosette winners are: –
ShowJumping is Helena Youmans riding Magnolia Blossom for Northallerton Riding Club
Style Jumping is Rachel Newton on Premier Ambitions for White Rose Riding Club
Riding Test is Denise Newsome riding Bertie Arms
Dressage is Lauren Hyde riding Printing Press for Nidd Valley
and the DTM Comp winner is Samantha Dexter riding Jimmyling for Ebor Vale

Well done everyone 🙂

The results table can now be finalised and the scores added up so if there is a mistake or Championship results not added please let me know many thanks xx

Lisa Fieldsend

Winner of the ROR Riding Club Challenge rosette at the recent Area 4 Horse Trials for the highest placed ROR

It is my great pleasure to announce that the winner of the ROR Riding Club Challenge rosette at the recent Area 4 Horse Trials for the highest placed ROR is Audrey Braux riding Blue Avon for Malton riding club xxAudrey came 4th in her section in the 80 Senior class. Well done Audreyxxx A close second was Sharon Roche on Bollin Billy for Whitby who came 5th in the 80 Seniors and Third was Rachel Newton on Premier Ambition who came 6th. If anyone has recently got an ex racehorse and wants to win a rosette please send me your ROR number so i can add you to the points league

ROR Rosette Winners so far this year are :-

At the recent meeting Lisa awarded Rosettes to all ROR horses who were placed so far this year.

ROR Rosette Winners so far this year are :-

Novice Winter Dressage and Intermediate Winter Dressage = Denise Newsome on Bertie Arms riding for East Yorkshire Riding Club

Novice Winter Showjumping = Zoe Godley on Marjus Reward for Ebor Vale Riding Club

Intermediate Winter Showjumping = Kathy Boothman on Save the Pound (aka Buzz Lightyear) for Malton Riding Club

FOH Combined Training = Rebecca Hornsley on Logans Legend for Scarborough Riding Club

Sharon Roche on Bollin Billy for Whitby Riding Club

Northern Regional Championships, (NRC) Going Ahead on August 27th – 28th 2016 to be held at Bishop Burton College.

Morning all,

There has been lots of talk about the Northern Regional Championships, (NRC) lots of work going on and here it is! NRC August 27th – 28th 2016 to be held at Bishop Burton College.
Please see the schedule and entry form attached. Feel free to post on your club web site to help members understand the concept.

The top 6 teams and individuals that do not qualify for the BRC National Championships will qualify for the NRC.
If any of the teams or individuals do not wish to compete, then the place will be offered to the next team or individual down the line.

The schedule and entry form has been sent out to clubs at this early stage to give you plenty of time to ask any questions. Schedule for regional champs       Entryform for Regional Champs2016

Address for entries and cheques :

The NRC committee look forward to seeing you at BB for a fun weekend.