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Course Walk Times for Sunday

Hi All,

I have had confirmation from the OS on the day and the organiser that the course can be walked at the following times:

SATURDAY – from 2-6pm (the gates will be closed at 6pm)

SUNDAY – from 7.30am

On Sunday, I have built in a 10 minute break approximately every hour so you will be able to walk the SJ between and during the classes.

Wishing you all a good safe ride,


Area 4 Competition Secretary

BRC Hat Tagging Guidelines 2016

BRC Hat Guidelines 2016
Information for Competitors v2
How does this affect me?…….
For 2016, all members will be required to have their hats tagged with a new ORANGE hat tag before competing in any BRC Qualifiers or Championships.
When you arrive at the competition, take your hat with you when you go to declare. The Official Steward will then check that your hat complies with an accepted standard, and will place a unique BRC tag on it. It is a good idea to allow a little extra time when arriving at a competition for this to be done.
Please note, you will not be allowed to ride anywhere at that event if your hat has not been tagged, and hats which do not comply to an accepted standard will not be tagged under any circumstances.
It is the competitors’ responsibility to ensure they arrive at a competition with a hat to the correct standard so it is therefore imperative that you check your hats before you get to the event, in order to avoid disappointment. To do this:
1) Use the following information or the BRC 2016 Rule Book for reference
2) Check that your hat clearly displays one of the accepted standards
3) Check that the standard also shows the correct corresponding date
4) Check that your hat also displays the correct corresponding quality assurance mark
5) Make sure that you do not remove any labels from inside of your hat which may hold the relevant information as a hat will not be tagged without all of the required information permanently visible.
Only hats which comply with all of the above steps will be accepted for tagging. If you’re in doubt, please contact the BRC office for further advice. If your hat cannot be tagged, you will not be allowed to ride wearing that hat under any circumstances.
Please note: No alterations, protrusions or additions are to be made to a hat under any circumstances. For the Quadrille competition, please see the Quadrille rules in the Rule Book for further information regarding costumes.

For More info and pictures click here 2016 BRC Hat Tagging Guide for Competitors v2 19.04.16

NEWSFLASH – Amendment to the rule about PROtector XC Hats with small peaks.

You may be aware of a recent issue regarding the PROtector Cool XCountry Helmet (see below). These hats have a small protuberance on the front, however they are manufactured to SNEL E2001 and PAS015 2011.
BE announced last week that they would not be accepted under their rules for the XC phase of an event. However, they have now issued an amendment to their rules which will mean that these hats ARE allowed for the XC phase.
BRC will follow their lead and so continue to accept these hats for XC use. A rule amend will be added to the BRC rule book with immediate effect as follows:
G22.2: Protective Headgear
‘Protective Headwear’ must be worn at all times by anyone, whether or not a Competitor, riding anywhere at any BRC event. Harnesses must be correctly adjusted and fastened at all times. At all BRC Championships and Qualifiers ‘Protective Headwear’ must have been checked by an official to make sure that it is labelled with one of the accepted standards and then marked with a visible BRC ORANGE hat tag. Failure to do so will incur elimination. Due to a change in the accepted standards for this year, BRC BLUE hat tags will no longer be accepted.
‘Protective Headwear’ constitutes a hat which meets one of the following standards:
British PAS 015: 1998 or 2011 provided they are BSI Kitemarked
VG1 01.040: 2014-12 provided they are BSI Kitemarked
European VG1 01.040: 2014-12 provided they are BSI Kitemarked
American ASTM F1163: 2004a or 04a onwards provided they are SEI marked
Australian & New Zealand AS/NZS 3838: 2006 onwards provided they are SAI global marked
IMPORTANT CHANGE FOR THE CROSS COUNTRY PHASE: (Updated 19.04.16) Only a “Jockey Skull” of an even round or elliptical shape with a smooth or slightly abrasive surface, having no peak or peak type extensions may be worn for any XC phase. Noticeable protuberances above the eyes or to the front, not greater than 5mm, smooth and rounded in nature are permitted. It must also comply with the ‘Protective Headwear’ criteria and be tagged as set out above. A removable hat cover with a light flexible peak may be used.
Please Note: Due to a change by the European Commission regarding EN1384 and BSEN1384 no longer being an accepted standard, all hats which only meet the standard EN1384 or BSEN1384, and do not comply with another standard from the above list, WILL NOT be accepted and therefore will not be permitted for any BRC competition. Hats which bear EN1384 or BSEN1384 along with another standard from the above list, will be tagged. For example, BSEN1384 & PAS015 (1998 or 2011) along with the Kitemark, would be acceptable, but not BSEN1384 on its own.
Skullcap hats must be worn with an appropriate colour silk for that discipline (see Appendix 4). For Quadrille competitions, hats of the above standard are mandatory. Competitors are strongly advised to check their hats regularly and to replace them if damaged or following a fall. It is recommended that hats are replaced every 3 to 5 years depending on usage.
Please Note: For the Quadrille competition, please see the Quadrille rules in the Rule Book for further information regarding costumes. No alterations, protrusions or additions are to be made to a hat under any circumstances.

Changes Form

Any changes to Teams MUST be emailed the Tuesday BEFORE the event and no changes can be made after that day.

Any EMERGENCY changes can still be made, but will need a form filling in. CHANGES FORM and bringing to the Event at least an hour before the class starts.  Please note this is for EMERGENCIES only and NOT for changing teams around.

3 copies for the juniors (2 Judges and OS)

3  copies for the seniors (2 Judges and OS)


Date Event Venue Clubs to help
14th Feb Winter Show Jumping Bishop Burton Scarborough/Ebor Vale/White Rose
03rd April Combined Training Bishop Burton Whitby/NRRC
17th April Show Cross Epworth Holme Valley/Calderdale/WYHP
17th April Show Cross (Jump Judges)Epworth All Clubs Sending Teams may need to help (TBC)
19th June ODE (Dressage) Helen Bells Northallerton
19th June ODE (Jumping) Helen Bells Darrowby
19th June ODE (Sec/Score collecting)Helen Bells Brimham/Eldwick
19th June ODE (Jump Judges) Helen Bells All Clubs sending teams (TBC)
9th July Summer Show (Jumping) REC Malton/Selby
10th July Summer Show(Dressage) REC York/Pennistone
17th July DTM Manor Grange East Yorkshire
30th October Winter Dressage REC Nidd/Ackworth

BRC Provisional Hat Guidelines for 2016

Hi Everyone,

Just to give you a heads up on the new hat rules for next year. Laura from Head Office has sent this out.  2016 BRC Provisional Hat Rules

Please feel free to distribute this among your members. If people know what standards will be expected it may stop them making an expensive mistake.

We saw some brand new hats this weekend that will not pass the new standards next year. Price is not always a guarantee that the hat is up to standard, some of the very expensive ones on sale at the moment are not to future standards.

Also please let your members know that they will all need new tags from 1st Jan next year. With this in mind we will endeavor to have extra hat taggers at the early competitions next year.