Final Times for Showcross this Saturday

Hi All,

BRC Area 4 SX Times – Saturday 21 April 2018

Hi Could you also please remind competitors that body protectors cannot be checked for compliance with current standards whilst the rider is on the horse. For this reason, all body protectors must be presented for checking at the same time as passport checking.

Please find attached the REVISED TIMES for the Show Cross Area 4 BRC Qualifier this Saturday.  Every rider with the exception of the 100 section will have a REVISED TIME AND REVISED RIDER NUMBER.


For all – the maximum change to their original time is no more than 15 minutes.


Please CHECK your timings carefully and make sure that your club riders are aware that the TIMES and RIDER numbers have changed from those originally issued.  Any problems with these revised times, please let me know asap.  I will not be printing until Thursday evening, so please let me know of any further changes up to that point (as well as highlighting on the day on the Dec Form).


Declarations forms need to be fully completed with ANY further changes, clearly highlighted and handed to the Secretary’s table at least 30 minutes before your first club rider competes.

Wishing you all the best of luck on Saturday,


Kind Regards,






The course will be available for walking the day before – this Friday as follows:


100 10:00 10:34 16 mins   Seniors (team then inds) followed by Juniors (inds then team)
90J 10:50 11:12 0 mins   Teams followed by individual
90S 11:12 12:08 22 mins   Individuals followed by teams
80J 12:30 13:00 0 mins   teams followed by individuals
80S 13:00 13:32 18 mins   Individuals followed by teams
80S 13:50 14:50   teams




Final Times for Combined Training this Sunday

Area 4 Combined Training Qualifier FINAL times Sun 8 April 2018

Please find attached the final times for the qualifier this weekend.  Below is a schedule of times for the day showing the course walk breaks for the SJ and breaks in the dressage.

ARENA A B J85cm Start 09:30  
START 08:30 08:30 09:48  
break 09:12 J75cm Coursewalk    
START 09:24 J75cm Start 10:20  
Break 10:00 10:00 10:34  
START 10:12 10:12 S75cm Coursewalk    
Break 11:36 11:36 S75cm Start 10:44  
START 11:48 11:48 11:08  
FINISH 13:18 13:18 S75cm Coursewalk    
START 13:52 13:46 13:44  
Break 15:04 14:52 S85cm Coursewalk    
START 15:16 15:04 S85cm 14:50  
FINISH 17:22 17:10 15:34  
  S85cm Coursewalk    
  S85cm 16:10  

Any CHANGES will now need to be highlighted on your Declarations Form on the morning of the competition.  Please let me know also, so that I can update the master copy up until going to print.

Wishing you all the best of luck,

Let me know if you can foresee any immediate problems,

Kind Regards,


POLITE REMINDER: deadline is Thursday this week to Area 4 & HQ for Showcross Entries

POLITE REMINDER: deadline is Thursday this week to Area 4 & HQ with it being Good Friday on Friday. We only have 24 entries so far. Thanks.

BRC Area 4 SX –  is POSTPONED until Saturday 21st April 2018 at Epworth EC.

Unfortunately, this means that the new date will be treated as a NEW qualifier and thereby ENTRIES will RE-OPEN with the new entries deadline to ourselves at Area 4 and to HQ (Prelim entries) is Thursday 29 March (wk on Thursday) and times will be published ASAP after that date but no later than Thursday 12 April. For the time being, credit notes will be in place at HQ and with Area 4, until after the next closing date.

Obviously, If your entry is exactly as the first competition, please just let me know “AS IS”; you do not need to resubmit a duplicate entry form. But please get your entries to Sam as soon as is practically possible. Please contact me ASAP with any queries to the above.
Many thanks, Georgina

Final Times for showcross on Saturday

HI All,

Please find attached the FINAL times for the Show Cross this coming Saturday.  We have already had 5 withdrawals, so please be there in plenty of time for your section and let me know of any further withdrawals.

FINAL TIMES for SX 2018 Area 4 Qualifier Sat 17 March GA

Remember: ALL CHANGES on the day, need to be highlighted clearly on the DECLARATIONS SHEET and handed in to the Secretary’s table at least half an hour before your first rider of the day competes.  In addition, please let me know of changes too so that I can update the master sheet.

I wish all your members the best of luck on the day and will keep my fingers crossed for dry weather.

NB Deadline for entries for the Combined Training Qualifier is this Friday 16 March – for both Area entries and Prelim Entries to HQ

Kind Regards,


BRC Area 4 Competition Secretary


Thankyou from Area 4 Comittee


On behalf of the area 4 I would like to thank all of the helpers who gave up their valuable time to help out over the last weekend. The outside helpers particularly had a very long cold day. We had lots of comments as to how helpful and efficient they were. The car park stewards get a special mention as they have the worst job going in my opinion. Richard did make special comment as to how efficient the Sunday pair were, so a big thank you to them, Sunday is always the busiest day, but they fitted everyone in well. Calderdale did a great job on Saturday as well.

I would like to thank all the competitors for their patient attitude, during 2 very long days. The weather was cold, but the sun shone and we had no snow.

So a big thank you to all of the Clubs



White Rose

Ebor Vale



and a special thank you to one of the Juniors for North Ryedale, Erin, who came back on the Sunday and helped out just because she wanted to.


See you all at the show cross



Winter SJ Results 2018

Copy of BRC AREA 4 final WINTER SJ RESULTS 2018

They are typed scoreboards. These have been copied manually from the judges score sheets. It is quite possible that I have made transcription errors, if that is the case please come back to me and I will re check the original sheets.

Please remember no one has qualified until they here from head office. But the best of luck to those who go down to the champs.

See you at the showcross.

BRC Grassroots Points Leagues

BRC Grassroots Points Leagues

The Grassroots Points League is a new opportunity for all BRC Members

All dressage (Walk and Trot and Prelim Level) and showjumping (60cms and 70cms) competitors can gain points at BRC Club organised competitions. Area Qualifiers and National level competitions will not count.

Points can be gained when competing at BRC Club organised competitions only.

There will be two separate leagues; showjumping and dressage. Monthly score updates will be provided; therefore competitors must return their score card to the BRC head office no later than the 7th of the following month. Results on cards received after this time will not count. The competition will run for ten months from January – October 2018, there will be rosettes down to 10th place, sashes down to 3rd and there will be an overall supreme champion prize for the competitor who has accumulated the most points over the two leagues.

It’s so simple, just follow these easy steps:

1. Download and print your blank points card from the BRC website.
2. Compete at any dressage (Walk & Trot and Prelim Level) or showjumping (60cms & 70cms) BRC Club organised competition.
3. Ask the Secretary at the event to confirm your placing with their signature.
4. Post your completed points card back to BRC HQ by the 7th of the following month.
5. Finally, wait for the results.

BRC Grassroots Points League Overall Results (Updated 07 December 2017) (PDF)

BRC Grassroots Points League Senior Show Jumping Results (Updated 07 December 2017) (PDF)

BRC Grassroots Points League Senior Dressage Results (Updated 07 December 2017) (PDF)

BRC Grassroots Points League Junior Show Jumping Results (Updated 07 December 2017) (PDF)

BRC Grassroots Points League Junior Dressage Results (Updated 07 December 2017) (PDF)

The rules

The Grassroots Points League will run according to the official BRC rules found in the current BRC Rule Book p80-81.

1. Individuals can compete in both dressage (Walk and Trot and Prelim Level) and showjumping (60cms and 70cms) competitions. Both disciplines will count towards the league.
2. It is the individuals’ responsibility to download and print this card and produce it at every relevant competition to gain the signature of the Secretary upon being placed.
3. The Grassroots Points League takes place between 1 January – 31 October 2018. Completed points cards must be returned to BRC Head Office no later than the 7th of the following month. Results on cards received after this time will not count.
4. Checks will be carried out by BRC HQ to ensure that the information provided is correct.
5. Individuals can compete at club and area level. However a qualifying class for a BRC Championship may not be used to gain points for this league.
6. Individuals can compete across all clubs and areas.
7. If the card is not filled out correctly, the results will not be counted.

Placing to points table

1st place = 6 points
2nd place = 5 points
3rd place = 4 points
4th place = 3 points
5th place = 2 points
6th place = 1 point