Hi All,


Sincere apologies in advance.  But due to a number of significant problems, some self-inflicted and some issues beyond my control; I have had to change ALL riders in the Riding Test classes.  This has impacted significantly on all other times due to the high number of multiple riders across the day.


Please ONLY use the times issued in this email, do not use previously published times.


Any emergency changes, need to be completed on the Declarations Form, 30 mins before your first rider competes on the day.  Please ensure that the Declarations form is completed fully.  I attach a spare generic form for anyone who doesn’t have sufficient forms from HQ.


All the very best of luck to you all over the weekend and I look forward to hearing the results,


As always, if you can see any problems, please let me know asap.


Kind Regards,






Area 4 Competition Secretary

Times for Area 4 Horse Trials Sunday 18th June 2017

Here are the final times

MASTER Horse Trials entry 2017

Hi All,

Please find attached the final running order for the Horse Trials qualifier this weekend.

There are some competitors in the 100 CLASS and 100+ CLASS who’s times have changed due to withdrawals and being near the end of the day, particularly competitor 950, 927 and 926.

Any EMERGENCY CHANGES going forward from this evening, will need to be clearly marked on your Declarations Sheet on Sunday morning.  Please ensure the Declarations form is FULLY completed for the day, especially if you are not going to be there and you are passing the documentation to another club member or competitor.   If you require additional declarations forms, please return an email to me.

Out of 20 changes to do this evening – top of the class goes to Ebor Vale – well done Jackie for attaching competitor numbers to the changes AND HIGHLIGHTING IN RED – if everyone did this, it would make changes a 1,000 % EASIER.  PLEASE CONSIDER THIS FOR NEXT TIME

I wish you all the very best for the weekend and have a safe ride,

As always, please let me know of any problems,

Kind Regards,


Competition Secretary

BRC Area 4 Junior Camp at Bishop Burton College 15th to 17th August 2017

Area 4 Junior Summer Camp – Bishop Burton College

15th –  17th August 2017

Junior camp is open to all BRC members under 18yrs of age. ( age take 1/1/17)

Juniors – Enter this event ONLINE at Horsevents.co.uk

Area 4 Junior Camp Forms

Area 4 Camp 2017- Guest meals

Camp will run from Tuesday am 15th August to Thursday 12.00 17th August 2017.

You will be in groups of similar ability and it will be at the trainer’s discretion to make any changes.

Arrival will be between 8.30-9.00am Tuesday. You will have 2 lessons each day with a ‘classroom session’ Tuesday and Wednesday early evening before supper.




For extra meals please complete the ‘Guest meals’ form


Please complete the options page fully which will help when the groups are being sorted.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or e mail Maggie 07995692423 or smithmags@btinternet.com.

BB college have a policy of NO DOGS ……sorry


BRC Area 4 ADULT summer Camp – Bishop Burton College 17 -20th August 2017

BRC Area 4 summer Camp – Booking form Bishop Burton College 17 -20th August 2017

PLEASE PRINT complete fully and send with your DEPOSIT £50. Cheque made payable to BRC AREA 4 to the address below OR pay online – Seniors –   Enter this event ONLINE at Horsevents.co.uk

Or print off these forms:-
Area 4 Senior Camp Forms
Area 4 Camp 2016- Guest meals
The camp is open to ALL BRC MEMBERS please remember to supply your Current BRC number

All levels will be catered for so please ensure you give accurate information to help plan the
groups. Any questions do not hesitate to call or e mail Margaret – 07905692423 or e mail

BALANCE £230 due by MONDAY 10th JULY 2017

There is a booking form for ‘GUEST’S’ meals
The college have very good toilet and shower facilities close to the car/lorry park.


Dressage to Music Clinic


British RidingClubs Area 4

Presents a Dressage to Music Clinic with Equivisions (Julie Geraghty) and Jack Wainwright

Held at Askham Bryan College on Wednesday 31st May 2017 

This clinic is open to any current riding club member at a club within Area 4.

Jack will produce a floor plan for the rider which they ride through and is videoed. Julie will then sit down with the rider after their ridden session to select music whilst watching the video.  The music is then edited when Julie gets home and is posted out to the client.

The training day is aimed especially for those Riding Club members who wish to have a go at the Area 4 Dressage to Music Qualifier held at Manor Grange on 16th July.

The total cost of the day is £160 which includes your own copy of the test.

Floorplans covered include Prelim and Novice for Juniors, Novice, Elementary for Seniors.

Numbers are limited so please get your booking in early to avoid disappointment.  To Lisa Fieldsend, Area 4 Training Officer, 5 Riverside Avenue, Barlby, Selby YO8 5NA.  Cheques payable to BRC Area 4 Liaison Group please.  Any questions please contact me on 07788877260 or email lisa@fieldsend.net

DTM and booking form


Hi All,

NEW AREA 4 LIAISON COMMITTEE MEMBER REQUIRED – nominations by Wednesday 19th April (in preparation for the meeting on Monday 24th April)

We would like to invite an additional committee member to join our Area 4 Liaison Committee team. We are currently a team of 7 as follows:

Margaret Smith – Chair
Nicky Green – Vice Chair
Mary Kay – Area 4 Liaison Rep
Denise Newsome – Secretary
Toni Tait – Treasurer
Lisa Fieldsend – Training
Georgina Ashton – Competitions

As you may well be aware we have lost some key people in the past few months who have dedicated a huge amount of their time to create a fantastic scoring team and provide times for all our Area 4 Qualifiers.
We are by far the largest Area and as an example of the huge amount of entries we receive, we had over 700 competitors entered for the ODE and the Summer Show last year. These 2x key competitions happen a month apart.
For one person to receive entries, changes and create timings for these 2x events on a volunteer basis is almost an impossible task. To this end, we are looking for someone to work closely with Georgina and joining the Area 4 committee, predominantly to receive all the entries and collate them so that Georgina can continue to provide the times for all competitions.
The person nominated will need to have good ICT skills and a sound working knowledge of MS Excel and ideally, MS Access too.
This person also needs to be willing to dedicate their time to some qualifiers on the actual day of the competition to help the team make these competitions run smoothly.

Can we ask you to go back to your clubs to see if anyone would be interested in this position and let Denise know by Wednesday 19th April your nomination(s).

Many thanks in advance,

Kind Regards,

Area 4 Chair

Times for Combined Training Qualifier This Saturday !!

Hi All,

I have received all the changes this evening and altered the running order accordingly.

BRC AREA 4 CT Times 2017 GA30.3.17

Please have a look at the first worksheet with the timetable to remind your competitors of SJ course walk times etc.

Please ensure that your DECLARATIONS SHEETS are fully complete and ready to hand in to the secretary’s desk at least ½ hour before your first competitor of the day.  If you/your Chef d’Equipe can not be there in person, it is your responsibility to ensure that the sheet is complete, if it is not, your competitors can be prevented from competing.  Please HIGHLIGHT changes clearly on the form.

Wishing you all good luck for the day,

Kind Regards, Georgina