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: Area 4 Winter Nov & Int Dressage Qualifier 2020

Good evening all,

Sadly due the escalating Corona Virus situation within our area, the collective decision has been made to postpone the planned qualifier at Bishop Burton 17/10/2020 for BRC Novice & Intermediate Dressage Championships.

The decision has not been made lightly, and has taken into consideration all of the following factors.
We have a duty of care to the safety and well being to all involved. The restrictions facing the organisation of the event, to keep within the law and guidelines, has in turn imposed difficult restrictions on the numbers of entries ( bums on seats) we are able to run during the day.
Historic entries were much lower than the entries received for 2020. We did ask clubs to reduce their numbers, however the returns were still very high so sadly we had to suggest an acceptable number. We know this didn’t suit some clubs but there was no other way.
Because of the way the split/options of am and pm test were offered, it made selection of teams difficult, and this has been acknowledged.

No one has a crystal ball as to the where the Coronavirus will be in the months ahead, but hopefully we will have a clearer picture once into the new year.
We propose to run a qualifier for both the Novice & Intermediate Championships in the new year 2021. A date and venue will be published ASAP.

A new entry form will be sent out to the clubs and the proposal is to run on 1 or 2 days to accommodate entries.
We fully and completely appreciate all the cooperation, support and patience shown from all the clubs, which we hope you will pass onto all your members. These decisions may seem last minute, however the goal posts change at short notice.

BRC have the Winter Dressage Championships in place in 2021, but who knows what is around the corner. Rest assured area 4 will provide a qualifier for the WD 2021 Championships.

If any club has payed area entry fees ( not due until tomorrow), these will either be refunded or carried over. If anyone has payed prelim fees to BRC, these will be refunded, but must be requested by clubs.

We know that many members have been doing extra training, organised 6 month vaccinations and made plans, but we are in unprecedented times where it is difficult to predict or have set rules.

If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

We all miss meeting up and hopefully it won’t be too long before we can get back together. In the mean time stay safe and look after each other.


Area 4 Chair

British Riding Clubs Update 13.05.2020 COVID-19

British Riding Clubs Update 13.05.2020 COVID-19

Update Following guidance for recreational sport and exercise from the Sport & Recreation Alliance and Sport England, the BHS has issued some further advice for riding schools, facility centres, livery yards and coaches. The full update can be found on the BHS website here: In line with this new guidance,

BRC can now provide all members, clubs and areas with the following updates, effective from today, 13th May 2020. It should be noted that whilst the government are producing regular updates, these then require careful consideration and interpretation in order to make the guidance relevant to our individual sector. The following updates are BRC’s current interpretation of the most recent government guidance and are subject to change, as and when government advice is updated. As guidance changes and we can start to introduce more BRC organised activities, BRC will support clubs and areas by issuing a Datasheet with considerations for safely resuming activities, along with a template COVID-19 risk assessment. These will be issued once we think the resumption of more activity is likely, so that organisers have time to fully prepare.

England Only •

Riding – In England is now encouraged, as long as social distancing and public health, hygiene and biosecurity requirements are followed. It should also be noted that riders should consider the risk of their activity, and only partake in activities where it is safe to do so, taking into account both the horse and riders’ capabilities. Riding includes the following details:

Ø Lessons and Training – Latest government guidance states that you may only exercise in groups of no more than two, unless you are exclusively with members of your household. Therefore, coaches are advised to provide lessons to individuals only, not to groups or household groups, and social distancing must apply. Individuals may now organise their own lessons, but no BRC organised training or clinics are currently permitted. Please see the Q&A for further information.

Ø Hacking – This may be done with members of your own household, or one other individual from another household, as long as social distancing is observed.

Ø Locations – Any exercise taken must currently be outdoors only.

Ø Travelling – Traveling both with and without your horse, is now allowed for exercising, training or facility hire. However, travel should not take place across borders into Scotland or Wales, due to their differing travel restrictions. The government do not specify any limits on distance travelled at this time.

Ø Facility Hire – From today, many facility centres are now able to open for outdoor facility hire, which you can now use.

Online Competitions – BRC organised online ridden competitions can now resume. BRC will be re-starting their leagues with Interdressage once again, for current, ridden dressage tests. If members / clubs / areas wish to also organise or partake in online jumping events, this is permitted as long as the appropriate risk assessments have been carried out that deem it to be a safe activity to resume. However, BRC will not be resuming our official jumping leagues at this time. We are aware that British Dressage do not permit their dressage tests to be used for online activities without a license. BRC have therefore re-published the BRC dressage tests that we have used in the past and these are available for free use, to help with running online competitions. The tests can be found on our website, and the scoresheets are on the BHS Cloud for free download and printing. Please feel free to use these resources as required.

• Other BRC Activities – Apart from the online competitions mentioned above, no other BRC activities are currently permitted.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland • Riding – In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, is now encouraged but only individually or exclusively with members of your own household. However, it is recognised that any riding activity should only be carried out in accordance with the specific government guidelines which can be found here for Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, These include: Ø Current travel restrictions Ø No facility hire, which remain closed at this time Ø Only riding if it is deemed safe to do so • Online competitions – As with the England information above, BRC organised online ridden competitions can now resume. However, this should only be done if possible under the specific government restrictions as already detailed. For example, if your horse is kept at home and you can safely ride and film a dressage test, then you are able to enter online competitions.

Other BRC Activities – Apart from the online competitions mentioned above, no other BRC activities are currently permitted.

BRC NAF Five Star National Championships

It is with great disappointment that we announce the cancellation of the above event. We had been hopeful to run the qualifiers and championships, but it has become clear that there is no way to do so whilst maintaining social distancing measures. This would therefore put the safety of staff, volunteers, officials, and competitors at risk, which is of course something that we cannot do. The National Championships is a vast event with approximately 2500 people in attendance across the weekend. It would also be highly unlikely that areas would be able to safely run qualifiers for this throughout July when current measures are highly likely to remain in place for some time. The BRC Advisory Committee have explored numerous options but were unable to find a solution that adhered to government restrictions and was also financially viable to run. We are exploring further online options and will share those with you in due course. NAF Statement: As long term supporters of British Riding Clubs we would like to take this opportunity to share how disappointed we are that we will not be seeing you all at the NAF Five Star National Championships at Lincoln in 2020. We know just how hard each and every one of you work to qualify and how much amazing support your club gives you at both the qualifiers and the championships themselves. We fully support BRC in their decision for the safety of all of their members and are sure 2021 is going to be an amazing ‘come back’ year, so until then, stay safe, keep in touch, support each other and we will see you in 2021!

BRC TopSpec Dressage to Music Championships

It is still our intention to run this event if at all possible. The Dressage to Music is a relatively small event, with around 250 entries split over three days on site. It can also be run with a small number of key officials. We feel that with changes to current processes e.g. scoreboards and presentations, we would be able to run whilst adhering to any social distancing measures that remain in place. This will of course be subject to areas being able to run qualifiers and enough entries being made to make the event viable. We would also need to re-consider the classes on offer as a pairs class for example, may not be a possibility with the social distancing restrictions that we will have to work to. It is with regret that the quadrille will not be going ahead this year, even if the Dressage to Music Championship is able to run. The teams would need to practice together in close proximity, and this will not be a possibility with the social distancing measures we are that we are abiding by. The committee have therefore made the decision to cancel this competition for this year.

Festival of the Horse 2021

The Festival of the Horse Championships has been a loss maker for BRC for some time now. The challenge competition incurs quite considerable costs; about as much as a full one-day-event, and entry fees and numbers at qualifier level simply do not cover these costs. We had hoped to run the challenge in a slightly different format for 2020, along with increased entry fees, to see if this would make the competition more viable. Unfortunately with the increased financial risk for this competition, combined with the fact that it is unlikely that qualifiers for the event will be able to run this autumn as usual, a decision has been made to run the event as a Combined Training Championships in 2021. The same combined training classes will take place, but there will be no challenge classes at the event. We remain a member-driven organisation and are always keen to hear what our members want with regards to competition opportunities, so we welcome feedback on the challenge classes, and their popularity within your clubs and area.

Flu Vaccinations

BRC will continue to enforce the 2020 flu vaccination rules from 1 October 2020, including the six-monthly booster rule. This is to give anyone affected by the Covid-19 lockdown the opportunity to rectify any issues. Anyone competing at a qualifier before 1 October 2020 with an incorrect record will be given a flu vaccination failure form with an instruction to rectify the record. To clarify, if your horse was due its annual booster during the lockdown period when vets were unable to attend, then you will need to restart your vaccinations programme. However, if you had a six-monthly booster since your last annual injection, then you can use this as your new ‘annual’ vaccination, and so would not have to restart.


Showcross fees detailed breakdown

To club chairs, committee members and club members,

Statement re the SX entry fee…..

We discussed the Showcross entry fee at the last committee meeting and I expressed my concern that we continually run this event at a deficit, even when it runs on schedule.  The main reason for this is that Epworth charge us an amount per horse and then have to charge us VAT on top of this.  This means that we have fixed element of £22.20 per combination.  In addition, we then have to recover the cost of the Vets, Paramedics, Course Builder, Judges, Radios, timing team, helpers and organisers.  As you can see below, these additional costs total approximately £1,660.  

If we have 100 competitors, this cost is £16.60 on top of the £22.20 per combination, giving a total entry fee of £38.80.   We have therefore set the Area 4 fee at least £37.50 to keep the overall cost (including the BRC Prelim fees) to £50 or less.  We appreciate this is a significant increase on previous years, however, if we have to run with less than 100 competitors, we will not recover the full cost of running the event.  If we run with more than 100, there is a opportunity to reduce the entry fee.

We are therefore proposing that once we have the pre-prelim entries from the clubs, we will review the entry fee and if possible, will reduce it, so we break-even or at least minimise the deficit on the event.  The maximum Area 4 entry fee will therefore be £37.50 or £150 per team.  

The estimated costs are scheduled below:-

Showcross Costings
Based on 100 competitors
Venue – Epworth Unit Cost
Charge £18.50+VAT per horse 22.2 22.20
Vet 350 3.50
Paramedics (inc Expenses) 450 4.50
SJ Course Builder 250 2.50
SJ Judge 90 0.90
(Expenses, Mileage) 300 3.00
Clubs – Fence Judges etc 220 2.20
18 Pairs FJ/8 others
Fee 37.50
Surplus/(Deficit) per Horse -1.30

Many Thanks

Toni Tait


BRC Area 4 Liaison Committee


2020 BRC Calendar Dates

HorseQuest Arena Eventing Championships – 14-15 March – Washbrook Farm, Aston-le-Walls, Northants NN11 6RT

SEIB Insurance Brokers Novice Winter Championships – 28-29 March – Arena UK, Grantham NG32 2EF

HorseHage & Mollichaff Intermediate Winter Championships – 24-26 April – Bury Farm Equestrian Village, Dlapton, Bucks LU7 9BT

Fibre-Beet Festival of the Horse Championships – 30-31 May – Washbrook Farm, Aston-le-Walls, Northants NN11 6RT

NAF Five Star National Horse Trials Championships – 7-9 August – Swalcliffe Park Equestrian, Swalcliffe, Oxon OX15 5EX

NAF Five Star National Championships – 5-6 Sept – Lincolnshire Showground, Lincoln LN2 2NA

TopSpec Dressage to Music and Saddles Direct Quadrille Selection Trial – 2-4 October – Addington Equestrian Centre, Buckingham MK18 2JR

Quadrille of the Year Final – TBC

POSTPONED TO 30th JUNE ….Area 4 Horse Trials update….

Horse Trials update….Due to ground conditions – sadly this Sunday 16th June is cancelled 😭 After reviewing the forecast for next week, a decision has been made to run on Sunday 30th June, giving the ground time to recover and be safe! I know this will not suit everyone, however it may give others the chance to ride 👍🏻😁 Please keep all your riders updated and reply to Sam‘s e mails re changes ASAP.Any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.Again, thank you all for your patience.Margaret NEW DATE – SUNDAY JUNE 30th @ BRECENBROUGH

BRC to reward their Members competing with British Showjumping

BRC to reward their Members competing with British Showjumping

The British Riding Clubs (BRC) will begin rewarding and acknowledging the success of their senior members who are competing on horses with British Showjumping.

As of the 1 April 2019 two annual BRC Leagues will be hosted on the British Showjumping website.  The leagues will highlight all members that are also a member of a British Riding Club and sit within either the British Showjumping Bronze or Silver leagues.

The British Riding Club Bronze & Silver Leagues will run from the 1 April each year until the 31 March and are for horse and rider combinations.  BRC will award the top ten competitors from each league with rosettes and prizes in kind.

Justine Naylor, National Director of Sport at British Showjumping said “We are delighted BRC are recognising the success of their members in this way, it is a great way to celebrate the achievements of cross-discipline participants.  With Bronze League classes starting at 70cm through to 1.10m there are many opportunities for their members to compete with us and for them to make use of the training programmes we deliver via our Academy framework”.

Existing members that wish to be included in the BRC League need to give British Showjumping Membership their BRC Membership number.   If you are a BRC member wishing to join British Showjumping for the first time, there is a BRC Membership Offer where both horse and rider can join for a discounted combined rate of £136 for the year.

For further information regarding the leagues or the BRC discounted member offer please call the BS Membership team on 02476 698824.

Nominations for Area 4 Committee

Hi please find attached the nominations for the Area 4 Committee roles that have become available.

Area nomination form

If you wish to be nominated for a role on the committee please download this form and send to Maggie Smith as soon as possible and no later than 1st October 2018.

The roles currently available are:-

Area 4 Vice Chairman Regional Vice Chairman

Area 4 Secretary Regional Secretary

Area 4 Treasurer Regional Treasurer

Area 4 Training Officer Regional Education and Events Officer

There is also going to be an Area 4 Events Team to help with the running of each show during the year.

Ideally we are looking at one particular team to run the Dressage based show and One team to run the Jumping based shows and for the combined shows a bit of both or a merger of the two.

If you wish to be a part of these teams either at just one or all of the Shows that we run please contact Maggie Smith as soon as possible.