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Area 4 AGM at the Bay Horse Goldsborough Monday 26th October 2015

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Hi everyone,
Monday nights meeting is likely to be quite a long affair. You should have received the email from head office about the disbanding of the NEC. There are a lot of implications to discuss. In addition to this we have the elections for the area officials as well normal AGM stuff. Could I please ask that we are all there in plenty of time to start at 8pm?
Just in case some of you have been missed off the communication and don’t know what I am talking about re NEC, here is the text from the email from Laura Sanger.

Dear BRC Member

Today is the start of the future development of BRC as we launch the new BRC Advisory Committee, which will be comprised of six members of the former NEC. All 23 Area Representatives will continue to meet twice a year.

All organisations evolve and develop over a period of time and The British Horse Society and British Riding Clubs are no different. Everyone will have a recollection of a charity changing its name to fit the modern world or of an organisation restructuring its board and terms of reference to meet the demands of delivering quality services to its members. The BHS Board of Trustees have been working hard over the past two years to ensure that every aspect of the Society’s work is supported by a robust committee structure and we are announcing today the new BRC Advisory Committee. This FAQ document will explain the new structure and answer some of the questions which you may have.

BRC members may be asking how this will affect them and their club. The short answer is that nothing will change. Clubs will still be affiliated to The British Horse Society and will remain autonomous. Every club will have its own constitution and club rules and they will continue to elect their own committee to run their club for them. There will be no change to the payment structure and members will continue to join their club, paying the membership fee direct to the club. The BRC Area structure will also remain unchanged. BRC will organise the six Championships which take place each year and these will continue to develop and grow. Training will always be a hugely important part of BRC and we hope to introduce many more training opportunities for all members in the future.

It is important to note that while the BRC NEC was not involved in the introduction of the Advisory Committee, this email has been sent out with their knowledge and understanding.

Please do not hesitate to contact either myself or any of the BRC team at HQ, who will be happy to answer any of the queries which you may have.

Best wishes

Laura Sanger
Head of BRC