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Regional Championships

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Below is a summary from Hilary McKenna Area Rep for Area 2. (That is the Area North of ours)


As an increasing number of clubs in a number of Areas have raised concerns regarding the huge cost of travel to BRC championships and the rise in the entry fees (these concerns have been raised on several occasions with BRC but they are unfortunately unable to offer a solution. Area 2, Area 4, Area 16 are considering the possibility of holding a regional championship which would incorporate some of the same disciplines as will be held at our summer qualifiers, i.e. for 2016 this would be dressage, show jumping, maybe  combined training, or new competitions.

The format would take the following.

Clubs may wish to enter as many teams to BRC but could enter as many teams they wished to area only at a total entry fee of £50 (or whatever we set) per team.

The team that won the competition at area, would be the named team for the national championships, providing that the team had been entered with BRC and preliminary entry paid, and they would qualify for the BRC  national championship, subject to normal eligibility rules.  The remaining competitors would be eligible for qualification for the regional championships, Qualification would be for first six team, (please note no individual this year). The qualifying team wishing to compete at the regional championships would pay an entry fee to regional championships, (venue and costs to be confirmed).

To trial this idea, only dressage and show jumping and maybe combined training in 2016 with the potential roll this out to all disciplines in future years, if it is successful.  The Regional Championships would take place over 2 days with stabling and on site facilities, to give the event a real championships feel.

Sponsorships would be acquired, trophies and rosettes supplied.  Format for the championships would be on the same lines as run previously.

At this time of writing the venue is not decided, but will be between Lincoln and Scotland, and hopefully in the middle.

Regional competition would also take place on a points basis with championship Area prize.

The aim is for the proceeds from these championships to be to cover costs with 10% going into future championships and other local RC developments funds.

Forms would be written for local competitions with forms for BRC championships and downloads from BRC website as usual.

For ease of use, we will be seeking an electronic entry payment system with a feedback process.


As the organising committee would consist of volunteers from the areas involved, we are looking for people from this area who would be willing to form this organising committee and be committed to this fresh new idea.


Hilary would like this to take off this summer, and in order to do that we need your clubs view, yes good idea or no.  If we go ahead we will need to pay the deposit to book a venue  with a contribution from each area.  After that we hope it will self fund.


We would like volunteers to help but that can come later.  We hope to have it somewhere like Bishop Burton in the summer holidays so there are lots of empty stables and we can make a weekend of it.

Please get back to me when you can but hopefully by the 14th February.

Lots for you to think about.  Phone me if you want to chat about it.  01609 777909