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Results from the Area 4 Winter Dressage Qualifiers 2015

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A big thankyou to all who came on Saturday, braving the rain. I hope some of you have dried out.
I would particularly like to thank Ackworth and Brimham for a really good job in running the day. To have that many entries and still finish almost on time is no mean feat.
I have had some emails from clubs praising the stewards, so I am passing on their thanks along with my own for a job well done.
Can I please remind you that although we have individual qualifiers for the KBIS Novice Dressage, we are only getting ONE per test, not one per arena, so please wait until you get your letter from head office with your invite.
For everyone else, on behalf of the committee, I hope you enjoyed your day.
I know the car parking was a big issue for some of your members and this is something that the committee will be looking at before future competitions.
Many Many thanks to Sue and her team for the very long day and hard work to get the results out promptly and accurately. Its a tough job, spending all day adding up numbers.
Sue also put in long hours sorting out the times before the event so
a big thank you to her. Denise