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Hi All,

Please find attached your FINAL times for the Showcross this Sunday at Epworth.

TIMES for BRC Area 4 Showcross 2017 FINAL 14.3.17

SX Running Order


Unfortunately, these times have changed considerably from those sent out last Friday.  Each Organiser has to follow the BRC Rulebook to the letter.  Area 4 is the largest area by far in the country and covers a huge geographical area, this is especially challenging when organising the times for a qualifier to an event venue that is very much to the south of our Area and not strictly speaking in Area 4 country.  The Official Steward for the day has an important job to make sure that organisers, officials, stewards, scorers etc run each qualifying event within the realms of the BRC Rulebook.  To this end, the times have had to change to accommodate their ideals of the running of the day.  Due to factors beyond my control, this has had an impact on the running order, especially for those senior teams in the 80 and 90 class respectively.

I have not had the time in the past 24 hours to have due consideration for those travelling together, although I have tried to consider all the multiple riders.

If you do foresee any problems, as always, please let me know asap.

I wish you all the very best of luck for Sunday.  Hopefully the weather will stay dry.


Please remember, there are no “emergency changes forms” anymore.  Instead, please write any changes different to the attached on your DECLARATIONS SHEET that needs to be submitted in FULL, to the Secretary’s desk at least 30 minutes, prior to your first rider of the day.  Please ensure that this is fully completed including passport numbers, full names of horse and rider etc.  It is not the responsibility of the competitor handing this over to make sure it is complete – if you are a team manager and cannot make Sunday, ensure the form is fully complete so that it is not handed back to your club.



Kind Regards,






Area 4 Competition Secretary