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Showcross fees detailed breakdown

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To club chairs, committee members and club members,

Statement re the SX entry fee…..

We discussed the Showcross entry fee at the last committee meeting and I expressed my concern that we continually run this event at a deficit, even when it runs on schedule.  The main reason for this is that Epworth charge us an amount per horse and then have to charge us VAT on top of this.  This means that we have fixed element of £22.20 per combination.  In addition, we then have to recover the cost of the Vets, Paramedics, Course Builder, Judges, Radios, timing team, helpers and organisers.  As you can see below, these additional costs total approximately £1,660.  

If we have 100 competitors, this cost is £16.60 on top of the £22.20 per combination, giving a total entry fee of £38.80.   We have therefore set the Area 4 fee at least £37.50 to keep the overall cost (including the BRC Prelim fees) to £50 or less.  We appreciate this is a significant increase on previous years, however, if we have to run with less than 100 competitors, we will not recover the full cost of running the event.  If we run with more than 100, there is a opportunity to reduce the entry fee.

We are therefore proposing that once we have the pre-prelim entries from the clubs, we will review the entry fee and if possible, will reduce it, so we break-even or at least minimise the deficit on the event.  The maximum Area 4 entry fee will therefore be £37.50 or £150 per team.  

The estimated costs are scheduled below:-

Showcross Costings
Based on 100 competitors
Venue – Epworth Unit Cost
Charge £18.50+VAT per horse 22.2 22.20
Vet 350 3.50
Paramedics (inc Expenses) 450 4.50
SJ Course Builder 250 2.50
SJ Judge 90 0.90
(Expenses, Mileage) 300 3.00
Clubs – Fence Judges etc 220 2.20
18 Pairs FJ/8 others
Fee 37.50
Surplus/(Deficit) per Horse -1.30

Many Thanks

Toni Tait


BRC Area 4 Liaison Committee