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Hi Here are the times. DTM_PAIRS_MED_JORVICTimesemail12jul2016

Please check them and get back to me with lash ups.

In view of the fact that I am late with the times and that there are no teams, there is no final date for changes. If you do have any, you can let me know before hand but please fill in the change form and bring it with your declarations . Declarations should reflect what you are actually entering.

Please note that for the Jorvic is a championship and therefore BRC rules will apply, whips will be allowed but no callers.

I have tinkered a bit with the times to try and stop people having to wait too long between tests.

But one important factor is that I had the mediums/advance mediums wrong. Stupidly I went by the rule change link which gave new tests as 71 and 90.

However the test sheets I have been sent are for MEDIUM 69 and AD MED 91 Both in 60m arenas

Could all of the clubs who have entered the Medium and advanced medium please confirm with me you have this email?

I have given you all numbers now too. Please use bridle numbers if you wish but I have card ones if you would like to use them.

Can I remind you to please not tie your horses up to side of wagons or trailers with hay nets.

Please be aware that there will be music tests at the same time as warm up and the Jorvic, but the speakers are not adjacent to the non music arena.

Good luck everybody and see you there.

Any questions please get back to me asap.

One very important note.

As most of you are BD people, I am guessing you have bridle or saddlecloth numbers. To save us all money, please bring them.

For those of you who don’t have bridle numbers, please tell me and I will sort you out with left over numbers from last weekend.